Saturday, March 12, 2011

geen - niet

Illustration taken
from MathGoodies
Negation in a Dutch sentence can happen in two simple ways: by using the word "niet", or by using the word "geen".

Always use the word "niet", except when it is a noun that you want to negate in the sentence.

For example:

ik zwem nietnegation of the verb "zwemmen"
zij werken nietnegation of the verb "werken"
deze bloem is niet geelnegation of the adjectif "geel"
dat is geen hondnegation of the noun "hond"
hij eet geen ontbijtnegation of the noun "ontbijt"
wij leren Nederlands, geen Chineesnegation of the language "Chinees"
(which is a noun)

Assignment: try these exercises.

Another interesting explanation can be read here.

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