Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wablieft? Duidelijke taal!

logo of Wablieft
For those who are learning Dutch, it would be interesting to note that there is a Belgian newspaper, Wablieft, which writes its articles in "easy to understand Dutch": Duidelijke Taal. For more than twenty five years now, they publish a paper version on every Wednesday, and since 2009 they publisch an electronic version as well.

I highly recommend those who study Dutch to try to understand the online version. In the upper right corner there is even the "lees voor" option, making a Dutch computer voice read the newspaper out loud.

If the online version is still a bit too complicated (we all have to start somewhere, don't feel shy!), there is also an oversimplified version that get published every two weeks. You can download the PDF version here.

This week, the online version of Wablieft has three articles:
  • the deadly accident of Weylandt, the Belgian cyclist who died in the Giro, a competition in Italy
  • the earthquake in Spain from earlier this week
  • the request of Michelle Martin to leave prison

I made a plain text copy of the articles at Pastie.

Try to read these articles and see whether you understand the texts. Feel free to contact me for aid in translation.

Wablieft also publishes books in easy to understand Dutch.

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